Evolvin Community Hub and Hotel


Evolvin Community Hub and Hotel

Powered by women, supported by the community


The hub is an eco building that is cost efficient, creates local jobs and co-operatives and is environmentally safe (no wood or steel used in the building, much less cement than conventional construction and zero-waste green infrastructure integrated at design level).

The current building project is inclusive of the use of solar panels to provide a constant electricity source to the hub, the installation of greywater systems to ensure water supply is managed, the use of an effective recycling system with minimal waste and the planting of trees and plants to ensure that the hub will not negatively impact its surroundings.

The construction method is the Superadobe (Earth bag) that uses recycled materials and earth blocks that can be pressed by the local community. In fact, 25% of the budget will be allocated to train and employ local woman and men for the duration of the project. This will create engagement, ownership in the community and increases employability skills

The Concept

A social enterprise aimed at creating sustainable economies, societies and environment through the implementation of tourism practices. Facilitate by our evolvin’ women and powered by the community, these practices generate jobs and new income to reduce hunger and poverty, and improving the sustainability of rural livelihoods.

Our vision

To be the first financially sustainable hospitality concept that creates sustainable economies,

societies and environment through the advancement of women.



We achieve our vision by

Creating market access for emerging entrepreneurs though the Evolvin’ Women Cooperative. The hub is furnished by local artisans and used as a co-working space by social entrepreneurs who can use the hub to prototype, showcase and sell their products locally and eventually internationally.

Developing skills and create business opportunities for the community (tours, and other activities for tourists). Women returning home after the programme will be able to share their learning and support the development of sustainable hospitality practices.

Branding the hub as a cultural destination and increase the tourism inbound to rural areas.

Educating on environmental sustainability

Project Details

  • Date:  2021
  • Funding : Crowd funding & Donations